Functional, safe, reliabile, flexibile

HENSOLDT, together with our subsidiary HENSOLDT UK, formerly Kelvin Hughes, is one of the pioneers of radar technology, without which marine navigation would not be possible. Our products guarantee the safety of ships under all weather conditions.

Radar based navigation for ships and submarines

Feature rich & clear navigation

Our bridge equipment provides the navigators with the capability to navigate safely, allowing the operator to clearly see targets in all weather conditions. All the technologies meet the latest IMO standards and international shipping requirements.

HENSOLDT'S SharpEye technology systems provide the navigator with functionality, safety, reliability, and flexibility. The radar transceiver technology removes the need for routine maintenance while delivering ultra-high reliability and low cost of ownership. Use of a patented pulse sequence, pulse compression, and radar return processing ensures that the radar operator is presented with targets and tracks on the display whilst minimizing the clutter from even the severest of rainstorms and highest sea states.

Integrated Navigation: Charts, Displays, Bridge Systems for surface vessels

Plan and monitor routes, stay safe

Our specialists create innovative navigation technologies for all types of commercial vessels, from small workboats to the largest ships.

The bridge systems offer simplicity of operation. The user interface is designed around the navigator to provide on-demand access to essential information, with minimal effort.