From reconnaissance to action: to perceive is to be prepared

Keeping the peace, securing borders and protecting civilians is a daunting challenge. To rise to this challenge, forces must be able to track and maneuver any time day or night,  in inclement weather, and across rugged topography. 

For land forces, this means being able to observe and evaluate the terrain, detect and identify, and track with absolute assurance. It also means being aware of the surrounding at all times and being protected from threats imperceptible to the naked eye. Indeed, the mission’s very success hinges on the crew’s ability to see, identify, track and engage under every condition.

Drawing on a deep well of experience in Radar, Electronic Warfare and Optronics solutions for defense and security applications, HENSOLDT has developed a wide spectrum of systems for land forces which supports them in getting the job done.

Observation & Targeting

Our systems for observation and targeting enable forces to find, fix and follow targets of interest even under the most adverse weather and light conditions. With that, our solutions speed up response time considerably.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness – the ability to detect, process, and understand precisely what is happening – is critical to every military and security force.

Reconnaissance and Surveillance

HENSOLDT INC. offers solutions for reconnaissance and surveillance which fulfill the highest standards.

Electronic Attack & Protection

Ground troops need electronic protection systems which keep them save from threats imperceptible to the naked eye.