Dominating the information space

Spectrum Dominance activities reflect the fact that military superiority can no longer be solely achieved with a physical presence, e.g. by tanks, aircraft, warships. Rather, information about the situation in the area of operations, about one's own and the enemy forces plays an increasingly decisive role. The main prerequisites for this are highly specialized sensors and intelligent software that processes the collected raw data. Such systems based on artificial intelligence create completely new capabilities for the early detection of threats and for the protection of one's own forces in complex scenarios.

In response to this development, HENSOLDT has created the Spectrum Dominance field of competence, in which the existing capabilities and disciplines of electronic warfare are combined through new solutions. Information is not just collected but is also processed in such a way that it guarantees the customer's information superiority - using modular, scalable and tailor-made solutions. 

Digitalization, big data, and cyber technologies are inherent to the cyberspace as well as the electromagnetic spectrum. Current networks are becoming more wireless so the boundaries between cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum are going to disappear. Spectrum Dominance offers solutions not only for conventional and advanced electronic warfare but also for signal intelligence and cyber operations. Hardware development and artificial intelligence inside HENSOLDT electronics (æ) are core parts of our future-oriented technologies at Spectrum Dominance.