Our core competence is to recognize dangers and to protect our customers from them. Driven by our mission ‘Listen and Look – Detect and Protect’, HENSOLDT is developing intelligent and integrated technologies for the best protection of our customers in the air, on the sea, on land as well as in space and cyberspace.



Hensoldt is a leading-edge technology center with close to 60 years of  experience in space missions with regard to designing, developing, producing and testing space optronics and electronics solutions.


As the world leader in missile and laser warning systems with 9000 sensors sold, systems for aviation-related applications have been part of Hensoldt's core expertize for decades. We make sure the right information gets to the right place at the right time.


Hensoldt's core competence has been to recognize a wide range of threats and to provide practical and optimal solutions to improve the safety and operational effectiveness of military platforms.


The control of sea lanes and coastal regions is an indispensable task for every coastal state, which cannot be mastered without powerful sensors, constantly creating challenges for naval forces and coastguard units. 


Hensoldt Inc. offers flexible, configurable and integrated solutions for a wide variety of demanding security applications, drawing from our comprehensive product portfolio, offering state of the art electro-optical, radar and electronic warfare technologies.

Cyber and Information Space

We offer solutions for monitoring and controlling this critally domain for security and armed forces around the world.